re-opened saved file not as was left

Started by TheBadger, June 04, 2010, 01:25:58 PM

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I recently saved a (.tgd) file I had been working on and quit out of terragen 2 to come back to it latter. When I opened the file again my image was not as I left it. The camera was in a different position, no where near where I left it. And the terrain was totally different, not at all like I had made it.

can someone tell me what i may have done wrong?


It has been eaten.


Just a couple guesses....

Are you using a heightfield generate for your terrain?  If so, you will have to click on "Generate now" if "Auto generate" was not checked when you saved the file.

Did you move the camera and forget to click on "Copy this view to the current render camera".

These are two things that are easy to forget.
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