New machine for 3d wanted

Started by Walli, June 18, 2010, 09:31:16 am

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Quote from: Kadri on June 18, 2010, 06:52:40 pm
... I guess very bad luck there :D
Don't rely on luck guys  ;)

2 days later then i said that , i tried to turn on my PC today. There was some smoke and spark !
My mainboard literally fried ! It is under warranty but 2 to 4 weeks no more my own PC . I hate such days !
" Don't rely on luck guys  ;) " yeah so it seems  :(


I'd caution against Lian Li cases. In my experience as a system builder (I've put together over 100 machines over the years), they're just not worth the price. Not to say they're not decent cases, they're just damn expensive and not usually better quality than e.g. a nice Coolermaster, Antec, etc.

Sorry Frank, no disrespect intended. ;D

- Oshyan


It's true they are very expensive, but at least the one I have is top notch quality in every single aspect.
I've read this review (German)
and after that I was convinced. After having used it now, I can certify the assessment of that review was correct.

Of course I acknowledge that comparable quality can also be obtained at a lower price, but then probably with a mix of steel and plastic, instead of pure aluminium, I don't know.


Zairyn Arsyn

i like Antec's Performance One cases, i currently have a Antec P182, and it works very well for me.

I want to get a P193 or a P183 for my next computer

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I use Lian Li cases. Yes, they are very expensive but very good quality. I have a rack for music gear and I built a dedicated Linux DAW. A Lian Li rack case was used:

The Lian Lis are solid and can be easily opened with motherboard quickly removed for cleaning (but not in the rack case). They last forever and look good.

I can also vouch for SSD drives. They are fantastic. Not cheap but you shouldn't need vast storage for TG2. External drives can be used for backup. SSD as a system drive boots and opens apps very fast.

I wouldn't bother with overclocking but if you buy parts that are capable of overclocking you'll find they are better and will stand up to endless hammering.


Like I said, no argument here that Lian Li is high quality (with a few specific exceptions - they've had some "bad apples" over the years like any manufacturer). It's just that I think you can get either comparable quality, or at the least "more than good enough" quality for a lot less with other brands. I guess it all depends on how fancy you need your computer to be, where you want to spend your money. For me if it's between spending $200 or more on a case that's solid aluminum but won't make my computer faster, or spending $100 on a case that's still nice but not the equivalent of high-end audio gear (a good analogy for Lian Li) and putting that extra $100 into a faster CPU, the choice is very clear.

- Oshyan


Quote from: Walli on June 18, 2010, 09:31:16 amHi,

I know, thats just another request for hints concerning hardware ;-)
I plan to get a new machine and I am interested in some opinions - as I am not really a hardware geek ;-)

I was thinking about a Core i7 machine, motherboard with at least 4 RAM slots (6 would be better), 8 to 12GB of RAM.
GFX I would like to go the "gamer route", as almost none of my applications really benefit from a quadro or firegl card. I think I would prefer nvidia, as some renderers support rendering via cuda on gfx board.
Harddisks - either two big drives, perhaps one small (for fast system) and two big datatanks
USB3 support would be nice, but not important.
Budget - I donĀ“t think that it can be less then 1600,- Euro, so I am prepared to rob the next bank ;-)

P.S What do you think about overclocked systems? Some shops offer tested overclocked systems, running at 4GHz (instead of 2.8 or similar). This is of course significantly more...
There is no need to rob a bank. From where I am 1,600 Euros would get you the following:

3 HDs, 1 small (200 GB or so) and 2 large datatanks (1.5TB X 2), total cost for all 3 HDs are about 150 Euros.

GC, assuming you are not getting the latest most powerful GC, 200 Euros will land you a very nice GCs.

RAM, even with 24 GB of RAM won't set you back much. Around 400~500 Euros.

CPU and mobo, 300 Euros can get you a very nice combo.

And the PSU. I'll get one that is at least 800 Watt or more, Silverstone or better brand.

All the above cost, sans the box, would still be less than 1,600 Euros.

PS. I wouldn't overclock if I were you. The performance difference (less than 3%) just ain't worth the risk.


Quote from: piggy on June 23, 2010, 10:00:06 am
The performance difference (less than 3%) just ain't worth the risk.

Hrm. Did you mean 33%?