Always on top ?

Started by microwar, June 01, 2010, 07:44:24 am

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Just like we can click "stay open on windows inside the program, a always on top button in new windows (crtl+4 and ctrl+5) woud be nice.


I think that could be implemented as "always on top of everything", just like "always on top" for any other application. In other words these windows would also be on top of other apps, unless TG2 was minimized. I think the new windows are created as separate window managed entities, so it might be necessary to do it this way. Would that fit your needs?

- Oshyan


That woud be perfect.
Think somwere in the future I'm gonna add another screen for more workspace.


I use this all the time in Windows and it works great. Just run the application, click on the window you want to be on top, then hit ctrl+alt+t

No viruses or anything.