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A sight you might see while visiting Sedona, Arizona. A place where the air is fresh and you're away from the big city.

•   Fractal terrain by me using the flatten low areas clip file by Hetzen; and, the strata variation file by FrankB - both available at the Planetside forum.
•   Pine tree models by Walli, available at the Planetside forum. These were positioned as single objects.
•   Two populations of lightnings 3 Bushes are used changing the color on one of them. These were positioned using the Painted shader. These may be available at the Planetside forum.
•   Grass model by klas was used  and positioned using the Distribution shader. The model is available at the Planetside forum.

In all, this was an enjoyable project. Render time was three hours, thirty-two minutes. The Mitchell-Nettravali filter was used for rendering. I'll post the .tgd file in the File Sharing if you are interested in using it for your projects. Tip: You can adjust the altitude setting of the Gravel Surface shader to suit your own taste.  Enjoy.


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Thank you for sharing this. 8)
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Thank you for sharing

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