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Started by dandelO, June 29, 2010, 10:01:36 PM

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No idea what you'd call these big ugly looking buggers but, I think they're decent enough to share as a thick, nondescript, oppressive cloud layer.


I've been enjoying delving back into TG2 clouds for the last wee while now. These are a recent offshoot from my years-long wrestling match with my old mammatus files, those still aren't ready yet to be shared, it's a long fight, one that I am constantly rethinking...

Anyway, back to a short descriptive note on these then. A simple cloud layer, 2 density fractals - one large and flat that leaves a few gaps in the sky, to be partially filled-in by the secondary fractal, via inverted blending of the flat fractal.

Not pretty but another good method of using more than one density fractal per single cloud layer.
With some crafty blending and distribution, many different fractals can be applied quite convincingly to a single layer, giving a huge range of available scales and noise.

* Another handy cloud tip, unrelated to this but used in my cumulus fractus layer; Using a surface layer, or distribution shader, as a blender to a fractal(or making the fractal a child, as I'd do) is a good way to get wide, varied scales/noise over a cloud's vertical forms. Use 'Y for altitude' in the surface layer. The 'cloud altitude' is the centre of your cloud layers, measure outwards from that altitude in either, or both directions(minimum/maximum height constraints) to apply specific features from varying density fractals across the Y axis of the cloud layer. :)

Cheers! :)


Those are quite nice looking. I especially like the gap where the light is shining through. Honestly it does look like a start to mammatus clouds...

- Oshyan


I just got a 'brilliant' idea. What if you redirect/transform the cloud layer downwards blended by a perlin with the suitable fractal (a bit even)... I have to do some cloudwork again if I see this.


edit: on the other hand, the clouds will be restricted by the cloud height... and won't be pushed downward. Rethink.


Thanks for sharing - both the clip and the hints.


Cheers, folks. I have other mammatus files, where each cell is far more pronounced than these. A close scaled fractal would do it. I have many attempts(including the way you describe, Ulco). You don't need to worry about the clouds not being pushed downward, if you use the controls; 'flatter base' and 'invert profile' in your layer then, each mammatus 'finger' will extend downwards, leaving a nice flat top to the layer that will absorb lots of even sunlight to be bounced around the very dense layer, mammatus usually appear in a completely cloud covered sky, you need not see the top of the layer...



you gave me an idea on this! thanks for sharing!


Thank you Martin; you're making us all better with sharing your creativity. This has some great possibilities with the change of seasons coming shortly.


Wow.  These are awesome.  Can't wait to try.
So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?


Thks Martin thats a pretty intense looking sky
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Did the tgc get deleted?  I don't see a download.


Quote from: D.A. Bentley on February 06, 2018, 09:13:23 AM
Did the tgc get deleted?  I don't see a download.

Dandel0 tends to purge things periodically I've noticed.
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Thanks bobby!  I was just "lurking" through the Cloud Library and noticed that as well too.