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Started by neuspadrin, May 06, 2010, 07:30:50 pm

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Not sure when I'll next be able to update this for quite awhile... Will see what I can manage to do on vacation, but also just been too busy this week with exams.

Tomorrow is last day of exams though! yayyyy!  But then vacation so not as much terragen :( Perhaps at the end of the month I'll get a chance to do day 4 and on.


If you need a deck/jetty I can make one for you. Just let me know how big it is.


Just an update on my progress....

... or lack thereof ;)

View from the house we are staying at.  Doesn't even capture the beautifulness that great since its a crap camera and I don't have photoshop on this computer to do some color manipulation to get it closer to the what it really looks like.  The water is gorgeous here. 

Anyways back to laying around doing nothing.  Such a hard week ahead.

As to airflamesred, I'll try to give it a few more shots before giving up ;) but thanks for the offer.  Might hit you up later on it.


Interesting idea and lighting could indeed be a fascinating factor of this animation.
So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?


Hmm, was just looking at the previous renders on this netbook, and perhaps I need to do a color adjust on my desktop monitor.  I now see why everyone might've been saying "wow dark".  On my desktop monitor it was a little on the dark side but not too bad... But woah dark now on netbook (even checked to make sure my backlight was on max). 

Hmm, will need to check that when I get home.

Henry Blewer

The view from the house you are staying at looks like it is on a different planet. Everything is a curious blue hue.

Looks like a nice place though.
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Quote from: njeneb on May 25, 2010, 08:22:01 am
The view from the house you are staying at looks like it is on a different planet. Everything is a curious blue hue.

Looks like a nice place though.

thats the bad camera.

Anyways, hopefully I'll get some progress on this scene this week or perhaps this weekend.  Mainly depending on if I stay in NC this weekend or if I head home.  If I stay I'll have nothing better to do but work on it and kill time, but otherwise won't have my render machine if I go home for the memorial day weekend.  Still have yet to decide if I really wanna drive back to visit the parents.  Afterall I just did a week long vacation with them.


Saw this on my google calendars that it's due.

Life has been pretty hectic recently been very busy and the contest has slipped my mind.  Sad I wasn't able to finish this for the competition.  I will definitely keep the project around and try to work on it some though.

G'luck to those who did get to submit.  The other projects look great.

Zairyn Arsyn

The Contest deadline has been extended ya know,
thank you world cup.

btw- i didn't submit either, well not yet. :D ;D

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Well I worked a little more on it, but still havn't done much.  I know theres plenty of time to go but I just don't feel inspiration on what I was doing from before.

Also I got starcraft 2... been eating time :P


starcraft will still be there when the contest is long gone ;-)

soooooo.... go for the contest first, I'd say :-)



I'll try, haha.  The single player campaign is very well done though, great story kinda hooks you in.