Liriope (Monkey Grass)

Started by MGebhart, August 07, 2010, 05:12:35 PM

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Liriope are usually used in the garden for their evergreen foliage as a groundcover. Some species, e.g., L. spicata, grow aggressively in the right conditions, spreading by runners; hence their nickname, "creeping lilyturf".

In the southeastern United States Liriope is sometimes referred to by the nickname MONKEY GRASS or spider grass.

The correct pronunciation of "Liriope" is subject to debate. It is frequently pronounced luh-RYE-oh-pee but there are many regional variations. In the southern United States, for example, it is often referred to as LYE-roh-pee, leer-EYE-oh-pee, or LEERY-ope. (WIKI)


Marc Gebhart

Henry Blewer

Thank you Marc. There is a similar grass that grows up here in the NE USA.
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I'm in the middle of making an enhanced version of Liriope.

There will be multiple blade maps and the fruit. This plant goes through a few transformations during Spring and Summer. Near Fall the purple buds turn to a small red berry.
Marc Gebhart