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Started by airflamesred, September 11, 2010, 12:39:55 pm

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Henry Blewer

Well, if we all had this, what would the software designers be adding to make the render times last as long as they do now?
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Breaking news - faster computer makes things happen faster :-). It is impressive that the software seems to be scaling so well across 64 threads though.

Henry Blewer

I've been making 3D renders since the late 1980's. I would buy faster computers, only to have the software add more features to use up the CPU cycles. In 1990, I used to dream of how great a 1 gHz processor would be for Lightwave. (I was running at 50 mHz then on an Amiga 2000) Now we render at 3 gHz, but use larger image sizes and render billions of polys. It's cool, but I still say the software will always task the hardware heavily.
Forget Tuesday; It's just Monday spelled with a T


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A model i made in circa 1995 was made of 1600 polys. The same and not finished model i try to make now is over 132 000 polys.
The finished one could be over 300 000 maybe . And most of them are not needed much.
Because of the power we have , we (me at least !) tend to got a bit lazy  :)
But yeah the hardware will have a hard (no pun intended ) time to fulfill the demand of the users-software , if ever !


Thats a good point there - I hadn't thought of it like that.
I suuppose in many years time when Terragen 8 renders photorealistic scenes without breaking a sweat and Poser 54 allows you to dial in your own dna into a template, you can bore your grandchildren with tales of when you had to create your own polygons!!