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Started by FrankB, September 13, 2010, 02:24:28 pm

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Dominic: it's true the whole trunk is a joke, not only the texture. I see what I can do to make this look better, but first I will attend to other elements of the scene.

Bob: paths are a great addition to many scenes, as Dune keeps teaching us :)

All: by the way I have tried to bring color variation to the grass clump object, but I failed. Essentially if I add any color function, it's not applied in world scale, but on object scale only.... apparently. Does anyone have an idea on how to achieve this?



here is a bigger render. strongly compressed though


The larger image makes a better impact; fact is, I think a 2.66667 pixel ration would be a wow factor.


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I like the image , Frank  :)
As Wetbanana said the grass looks kind of a little too spiky . Maybe there are such vegetation , i don't know.
The image is getting better as it is , every time you post a new image!


the thing with the grass clump object is that it is always spiky. It's just an issue close by, so I have created a mask around the camera where less grass clumps should be populated near the camera. Probably have to push it out a little further.


I see! I didn't used it. Good to now how to use it , thanks :)


The last one looks very cool, Frank.
As for varying the colour over the population, do you remember this thread, from Ulco last year?

I had another, internal TG method that was listed in the Wiki alongside Dune's but, thankfully, someone has edited out that link, as I'd made a 'booby' of my old account that I'd posted it under. I have the files at home but I'm not home at the moment.


Thanks Martin. I just wonder how that would work with the built in grass clump object.
I'm generally interested in a procedural solution. I don't like the thought so much of having to project a color image over my population. If you have something you can share with me, I'd be happy.



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On page 3 there is a screenshot and some example images that I rudely posted to Ulco's thread. Those shots are more complexed than they need to be for just using the method on the grass clump, though(because of alpha images for leaves). You don't need all those nodes to do it to the grass clump. It isn't completely procedural, a painted shader was used to paint secondary colours over the population area.

Here it was done on a single pop' of spheres. I'll try and put something together.

EDIT: There's actually a .tgd there with the setup, too. It uses one of Mr L's bushes but I think all you need to do is remove the merge controller function and use your own grass shaders instead of the leaf shaders.


Thanks Martin, I shall try that tomorrow :-)


it's becoming more and more realistic Frank!


I wish there was a way to color vary pops procedurally, and did a lot of testing to find it. To no avail. It could work if only PF's could be projected from a camera. But the only thing to be projected from a camera is an image mask, as far as I found out. There must be other ways, but that would be up to Planetside to implement, I guess.

Anyway, in short: Make a square, patchy and colourful PS image (such as attached), load in image map shader, set to repeat. Attach a new camera, locate this over your population, and set rotation to -90/0/0. You can play with the FOV angle. Perhaps orthographic would work, I never tried.
To test, attach this to a color input of a surface shader, and raise height according to what you see.

Now open your pop, get to the object internals and attach a new surface shader between the two shaders (default and the other one). If there are more internal shaders, repeat this or just take a few. Find the image map shader in the color input (there are more possibilities there), and work with the coverage until it works fine.



Thank you for this comprehensive explanation Ulco!



ok, so I have found a completely procedural solution. Check out the clip file. Attach the grass clump pop to your terrain, and look into its internal network.

It's surprisingly easy :)

All you have to ensure is that the mixer has a world space reference system. Means, it doesn't work with any "get from texture".


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