Red Dead Terragen V2, final on page 4 hooray

Started by FrankB, September 13, 2010, 02:24:28 pm

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Volker Harun

A balanced and moody scene. I love the lighting and sand textures. The shading of the grasses is very beautiful!

To your question .... it is the Leaf-Colour group of my 'One for all-Shaders' that is plugged into the Multiply colour node.


I don't think I understand you configuration, Volker. What about you post a tgd? You can use the built-in grass clump for a population if you wish.

Volker Harun

Hello Frank,

we moved the above discussion over here:
You'll find a scene there, too :)



Excellent stuff Frank. Always a pleasure to look at your work.