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Started by Gannaingh, November 30, 2010, 06:20:43 PM

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I've recently downloaded version 2.2 and have been working on several scenes from the previous version. The problem is that whenever I render an image larger than my screen the output image thingy says reduced size 100% at the top but it won't allow me to view the image at 100%. Also, whenever I save the image the resulting file will only be saved with the quality of the reduced size image. Meaning that if I render an image 2400 pixels wide, but my monitor shows its reduced size at 1200 pixels, and view the image file at 100% resolution the image will be very blurry. Hopefully my description of the problem makes sense.

Has anybody else encountered this problem? The output quality was perfect with the previous version, but with the new one it just seems to suck for me. The images look fine when reduced to about 50% of their resolution, but I shouldn't have to render a huge image just to reduce its size to maintain quality. Any help would be much appreciated.


No, this seems very strange to me.  I just rendered a test scene at 2500px and saved it when viewing at different percentages, each save is exactly the same in terms of image size, quality, resolution etc. as expected.  Can you show examples where the quality is different depending on the size you are viewing it at when you save?


I can't see any larger completed renders displayed at 100% either since using 2.2. I don't think the quality is reduced on saving, though, I might be wrong.

I use Vista Ultimate(x86) and I've changed nothing since installing 2.2. I could view 100% size images fine with 2.1.


Thanks for your responses, but I've found an acceptable answer to my problem. It turns out that every single image viewing program, such as Windows Photo Viewer, was acting funky and not displaying the images correctly. When I loaded them onto my other computer they appeared perfectly crisp and clear.

I still can't view images at 100%, but that doesn't really matter to me so much now that I know that TG2 is working properly for me ::) I guess I'll just have to mess with me computer a bit so it will display the images properly.


You're correct the image scaling approach has been changed somewhat with this update, and I agree it's not yet optimal. But it should not affect the saved image quality, as you have fortunately confirmed.

- Oshyan


I mentioned this in the alpha forum as well, and hopefully it will be working properly soon! It is quite annoying not to be able to check detail on a crop of a larger than screen size render.


Weird that you can still zoom in to larger than 100%.