TrueSpace Object files to T2 problems

Started by rosoule, December 16, 2010, 05:15:15 PM

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I am trying to export TrueSpace 7.6 objects that are usable in Terragen 2.

I export as a Wavefront file using the TS plugin. Then I load the file into PoseRay. All my materials and bumpmaps show up just fine in the materials list and in the preview. When I load it into Terragen the base color is all that shows, no textures.

I save the file with no spaces, per the T2 forum, make sure the material files are in the same folder as the obj. file and resave the obj. as a TGO file. No texture shows up.

This happens with premade objects or objects I create.



do you get any errors or warning when you try to load the object?
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No and that gives me hope that all is well, but when I render the object it still has just the base colors.


I just tried flipping normals, that didn't help. Went to the internal network, all four shaders show, still no texture when I render.


I am uploading my final tgo file.

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You may need to change the image maps from Targa into bitmaps or png images.
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 have narrowed the problem down. The material I apply in Ts is tiled to cover the whole object. I assumed that it would export the same, but when I look at the preview in Poseray, the individual tile is stretched to cover the whole object.
I am going to try generating a tiled material to fit the whole object, however it seems like an unnecessary complication.
As usual the fix is probably simple, but I haven't figured it out.