Broken project files after update to build

Started by SteveScout, December 13, 2010, 06:19:36 AM

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After installing the latest build ( my project files get killed after saving - they can´t be reloaded, the error message is:

File XXX.tgd: Parse error at line 137: not well-formed (invalid token)

Anyone else having the problem?

One file is attached.



Here´s another broken file .. as long as they are open in TG2 it´s fine and you can "save" on them as many times as you want - but as soon as you´re closing the file they´re damaged.
Too bad .. need to downgrade now - or is there a fix anywhere?

Henry Blewer

I tried to look at your flat surface tgd. I received an error message that there was not an active camera. Is that what T2.2 reported to you?
Forget Tuesday; It's just Monday spelled with a T


I think at around line 137 your lwo microexporter contains a non-valid symbol.

You're using "grünboden" as a filename but I think you should probably change that to "grunboden" as TG2 is sometimes not well at handling special symbols/characters.

Did this work?



that´s it! crazy!! thanks! Whew .. don´t use German "umlaute" in filenames .. that´s something I´ve never seen before and just by accident used now with the new version!

thanks again!



Great :)
Have fun with TG ;D
And post it here ;)



Hi Steffen,

Unfortunately TG2 only supports basic ASCII English characters in names and file paths etc. That's basically A to Z, 0 to 9 and the basic English punctuation and special characters.  Accented characters are not supported.

You can fix your files by opening them in a text editor and changing or removing the accented characters. Your filenames won't be pointing where you want them but at least the files will open in TG2 again.




It's a problem even the Dutch government has!
A colleague of mine is German and her last name is Böck, but somehow our government can't do the Umlaute, so her official papers say Boeck.
Poor woman had to loose her real name to work in this country... while we have our own name for the Umlaute! We call the dots a Trema.
Anyway, good to know that German is not really a supported language in the world.