SkyBox / 360º Panorama [Tutorial] UPDATED!

Started by Floating.Point, January 22, 2011, 03:49:20 PM

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Hi Green,

The "SkyBoxSetup110_NoAnimation.tgc" clip I attached still had some remaining animation data within... I think this might have been the cause of your problem...

I have since updated and replaced it- please redownload the clip file and give it a go!

Thanks for bringing this issue to my attention!

Hopefully we will get it sorted out for you asap!


I've always wondered: why 110 degrees FOV?

- Frank


To allow a 20 degree overlap giving the stitcher application a good amount of data to blend between the images. This is useful for preventing a visible seam between images, due to GI mismatch.
The workflow is similar to shooting real HDRI's with a fisheye lens (just without any lens distortion :))


If you use the alternative procedure in TG2_Batch it renders nicely without seams (providing image is an even number in dimension)

but you have to have Hugin (which uses Nona to do the stitching) and I need to make an installer for more people to install it.


How this come tutorial for skyboxing i cannot see. It's for 360 panoramas


A skybox and a 360 pano are the same. However if making a skybox for rendering your rendering s/w will probably require the image in a specific format. Many formats are used by different s/w.
Equirectangular projection is one of them, othes include 6 separate views, or a cross format image or dds file. There are many other mechanisms, formats, projections to enable this to happen.

Its up to you to convert the resulting skybox/360 degree panorama into the specific format your rendering s/w requires.


A few years ago in 2008, I created also a Tutorial which explains exactely how to create HDRI Sky Boxes with Terragen 0.94.
Well... even it is an old one, it is worth to share it here :-) Please allow me to note, that it is unfortunately written in German (note: for our english spooken users).

In 2008 I stitched the rendered HDRI files together with a program named "cube2cross".
Nowadays you can do the same with stichting software like Hugin, PTGui or a simple HDRI Pano Software.

Nevertheless... in the ZIP you will find the simple scene so that you can see the setup in TG 0.943

Click to download my German Tutorial from my site...