TG2, no landscape: What dragons like...

Started by Klas, February 03, 2011, 04:30:23 pm

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Henry Blewer

It seems we have the same taste. Intriguing renders.
Forget Tuesday; It's just Monday spelled with a T


awesome scene, love the rat!
those outfits look hot!


Oh my god, bumps on the skin! Even the fox came out nice. Must have been a taxing render.



Amazing, Klas. The amount of detail is incredible. I do think though, that the basket would need some more displacement/bump, and some areas are a little too shiny, IMHO. Mind you, I cannot do this as good as you, and it's positively meant. Did you do the hairs (also on the boots of one of your other renders) with a finely striped alpha layer? How did you, and what would the object look like normally? I remember something about that a while ago.


Thank you :)
Dune, I think you mean this: ?
But for the hair on this image I am using another technique: I convert the transmap to black&white with dithering, then back to grayscale (TG2 can't read images with 2 colors). Below is an example, a part of a 2500x2500 image. Which boots do you mean?
The transparecy on the dragon-wings: A surface-layer with the transparency map as blend shader, a water shader as input and the default shader as child. But this gives the full shadow of the mesh, not good for hairs.


Exactly. Thanks, Klas. And I imagine the 'sets of hairs' are put on the animal by way of a great number of flat squares, like you'd put leaves on a tree? And I mean these boots....


Yes, you are right, the hairs on the fox are flat squares with transparent maps - like leaves or hairs on the human models. But the wolf in this picture has "real" fur, over 3000000 faces, below is a screenshot. It took 6 hours on my Athlon64 to export the object from DazStudio. The fur on the boots are displacements, done in blender.


Thanks a lot for your explanation, Klas. I admire your modeling skills. I now know it is extremely time consuming and complicated.