terragen wine and drqueue -- path problems

Started by johannesA, February 18, 2011, 06:22:17 AM

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Im sucessfully using terragen + animation with wine under ubuntu 10.10 64 bit as a commandline renderbot.

$wine C:\\Program\ Files\\Planetside\ Software\\Terragen\ 2\ Deep\ Edition\\tgdcli.exe -p C:\\users\\johannes\\Desktop\\gekaemmt_schwenk.tgd -r -f 29

My experience so far: Almost same speed as on my Mac. Since Terragen (with wine?) scales badly I evoke 6 Renders at the same time. (8 core machine, 8GB RAM). 5-6 frames at the same time is around the sweet spot, with this scene - render time stays the same as if I render 1 frame. With more frames at once the machine starts to swap and I believe render time will extend.

To automatize this I installed Drqueue render farm which already sucessfully renders my mental ray and maya render jobs. Unfortunately theres some issue with drqueue scripting in combination with wine. I changed the terragen_sg.py to :

ENGINE_PATH="/home/johannes/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Planetside\ Software/Terragen\ 2\ Deep\ Edition/tgdcli.exe"
command = "wine "+ENGINE_PATH+" -hide -exit -w\""+WORLDFILE+"\" -t\""+TERRAINFILE+"\" -s\""+SCENE+"\" "+str(DRQUEUE_FRAME)+" "+str(DRQUEUE_FRAME)+ " "+str(BLOCK)+" "+str(DRQUEUE_STEPFRAME)

The Frame log says:

ReadXML: done^M
Content path for "Project" set to "C:\Program Files\Planetside Software\Terragen 2 Deep Edition\Terragen_2.ucr\Generic\"^M
Content path for "Project" set to ""^M
ERROR: -exit specified and nothing to do! Exiting now.^M
Destroying trPrivateGlobals^M

Terragen can't see the Content Path - rendering fails. Can someone point me in the right direction. This seems like some environment/path/escaping problem.

$uname -a
Linux wirespeed 2.6.35-24-server #42-Ubuntu SMP Thu Dec 2 03:58:11 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux
$wine --version
Terragen v2.2.03.0



To reply on my own post:

I forgot the "-r" in the script.  ::) . Nevermind seems to work now. Lets see if more issues arise.



Damn, this all sounds very cool!
I think you would make a bunch of little render gardeners very happy if you wrote a short guide outlining the set-up process involved in achieving your hacked together TG2 render-bot :)
(yeah TG2 = painfully slow on mac compared to windows)


still not fuctioning properly. Once its working I can post my experience here.


Hi Johannes,

These look like Terragen Classic parameters (world file, terrain file, script file). The -w, -t and -s parameters are no longer supported. Instead you should use -p to specify the project file. (For a while we did support -w for backward compatibility but I think that's been removed now.)

Take a look in the docs directory inside the Terragen 2 program directory for a full list of command line options.
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