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Started by dandelO, February 22, 2011, 07:32:07 PM

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This is the .tgd for the image, Top Gear.

I was asked how I made this, was it with image maps or just with TG? It's all Terragen, the only image is on the signpost.

The signpost is included, all the other models aren't, although, a sparse population of TG grass clumps is still there. All the grass and bushes used the same blend shaders, if you want to add your own.

Cheers! :)


Wow! This is very generous of you, thank you very much for sharing!


Quote from: darthvader1 on February 22, 2011, 09:01:27 PM
Wow! This is very generous of you, thank you very much for sharing!

I feel the same! Thanks , DandelO  :)


Hey, Martin, thanks for your file! Interesting to see how you set this up.


Thanks! :) I'll be happy to dig into this .tgd :)

Henry Blewer

This will be interesting to dig into. Thank you! 8)
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wow. thank you for sharing :)


Hi, Volcomman, nice to see you in here. :)


Very generous of you ! Thanks
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Thank you very much.  If I can, I'm gonna put a robot in this scene!!


* I'd probably replace the 'alpine fractal' node in the terrain tab with a regular power fractal terrain. I have noticed an immense speed increase by doing this for other variations on this scene. I'd figured that since there isn't much visible mountains in the scene and that they are blended way into the distance, that an alpine wouldn't add too much unnecessary render time. It does.

A few render buckets have areas of terrain that really hang for ages with the silly alpine I've left in, so, I simply added a new power fractal terrain and replaced it to the position and blending of the existing alpine. A few lucky-seed clicks, if required, should give you much friendlier results. The BG mountains were really just filler, anyway. Although, it's up to you.

Got another HQ test scene cooking using this file just now and it's much faster since replacing the above.


Hey Martin, nice file. I'm cooking a nice variation. But I wonder why you have GI at 2/3, some fill lights and enviro light in atmo at 0. If you have no enviro light, will GI still have any effect, and with fills why would you need GI? Or am I so stupid or confused by the booze?


Hi, Ulco. The GI still plays its part on the surfaces. Try disabling envirolight strength on surfaces and notice the shadows on the ground will not have any GI contribution.
I usually always have 3 weak suns enabled to boost the lighting a little. I normally disable them when it starts to make the lighting look too flat.

* It's a MUCH quicker render with no GI in the atmosphere. I don't have such a great computer(2x2ghz processor), so any shortcuts I can make, I do. ;)