Subdiv Cache error because of many populations?

Started by drongo, March 14, 2011, 12:22:05 PM

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I have a working terrain model in my TG2-Project. Now I am adding a lot of Populations, using Xfrog-Obj-Models and Image Map Shader for the positions. But after adding nine populations I get errors telling me to lower Subdiv Cache (didn't help) and about unknown errors in TraceRay and trBucketRender (RenderMore() rasterised pass).
But I did not actually hit the Populate now button or asked to render the scene. Just to have the Populations in the scene, even deactivated(!), brings the errors. It always stops rendering my preview windows.
The area of my populations is about 23 x 27,5 km. Each Image Map Shader has 6000x7000 pixels. PNG, around one megabyte.
tgd.exe is using about 3,5 Gigabyte of memory.
I have Win7 x64 with 8 Gigabyte RAM. Terrragen 2 is telling me I have 32 bit, which is not true. Can I run it as 64 bit to use more memory?



TG2 is still a 32 bit program . So it can not use more then 4 GB of ram that you have on your system.
You can run 2 open TG2 program simultaneously if you want . But you are obviously using too much ram now.
Try to lower  your image dimensions and population if you can .

Search the forum. Here are many Thread about this kind of problems.

There is a 64 bit Alpha TG2 in the works but it is not clear when it will come out for all of us.



Basically you've run out of memory. Your image maps will be using far more memory than the file size indicates. I can't remember off the top of my head how much it would be exactly but at a minimum each image map could be using 120 MB or as much as 480 MB.

Do your all image maps need to be as large as they are? At the sizes you're talking about you have a resolution of about 3.8 x 3.9 metres per pixel. That's quite high resolution, especially if you're populating large trees. If you could make some of the image maps half their size (3000x3500) you would still have a resolution of 7.6 x 7.8 metres per pixel but only be using a quarter of the memory.

TG2 is not telling you that you have a 32 bit machine, it's saying it's running as a 32 bit application. You can't run it as 64 bit yet. The 64 bit version of TG2 is on the way though.




Okay, I understand the size of the images are a limit. I reduced the size and number of images and it did help a lot. Thanks for the help!
Looking forward to have terragen support vector/shape data, so I can get rid of all these large image maps.