Share Maya and Terragen Camera info?

Started by Adam Chrystie, January 02, 2007, 07:53:39 PM

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Adam Chrystie

Is it possible to share Maya and Terragen camera animation data?

I'd like to render some elements in Maya and some inTerragen. So getting a camera to match
would be important.

I'm not too converned with motion blur matching. I have a way around that.

Thanks for any tips/info.

Adam Chrystie
3D Artist & Infrastructure/Pipeline Developer


I'm struggling with the same thing.. found this one s'where on this forum:

I'm working on a script to export a chan file from XSI, but I have a problem. The format of a chan file -

I can't find any documentation but this seems to work:
frame transform-x transform-y transform-z rotate-x rotate-y rotate-z fov

Here is what my script writes:
0 11 10 13 -30.422317286858405 40.23635830927338 -2.2915070762099087e-13 53.638
1 10.996722 9.997616 13.002086 -30.417123111374756 40.22340511257526 -1.6245761040608907e-13 53.592252607999995
2 10.986976 9.990528000000001 13.008288 -30.40166731792109 40.184888554657064 -2.4979281989690596e-13 53.457483264
3 10.970894 9.978832 13.018522 -30.376121930504585 40.121316563193545 -2.2252353394993361e-13 53.237401215999995

I import the chan file into Terragen2 and it works! However I need to adjust the transforms to match terragen2 values.

tried this with maya... the demo-version doesn't seem to support animation at all though (still deciding between Vue6 and T2) -just save the few lines of digits in a  .mov file nd try to import it as a chan file in camera properties, see if the cam moves (IF you have the deep+animation option)..  the transform-adjusting remark is scary if things really have to match

Alternate option could be a translator between lightwave & maya, since lwo seems to be supported better

my2cts Mischa


just have a look under exporters, there this topic is covered...