So much to do !

Started by Kadri, April 14, 2011, 07:59:37 pm

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Quote from: j meyer on April 17, 2011, 10:10:14 am
Yeah,keep them coming Kadri!

As far as i'm aware no one has found a way to color/texture clouds with
PFs or any other of the regular methods yet.
Maybe by camera projection?

The colour of a fractal can be passed directly from the density fractal shader to the cloud(just delete the cloud fractal shader and replace it with a power fractal). The Black Hole posted this a while back in another cloud thread. You could then mask out that density shader using your greyscale cloud images, or any other blending shaders you liked.

Thinking on that a bit more, instead of using just a power fractal, different sized functional noise patterns could be converted to colour before feeding the density fractal of the layer. Then you could have one layer of cloud-bars, another of Voronoi, the next one a different noise... OOHHH! 8)


Thanks ,DandelO!
With my last setup it was easy to get color on the hard cloud object.
And easier as i thought . But as i said in the "Edit" . The colors looked off.
I will look after to TheBlackHole's file later.
My brain is melting now! Didn't get much sleep these days!
I am not sure how your setup will look like.
But it should work. Thanks :)
I will make another image with (hopefully) new settings.
Today i had an idea how to use it .
I hope it will be as good as in my imagination.

Good night everybody!

j meyer

Yep,martinO,i remember that thread,but you don't get anywhere near the results
you get on terrain,at least i didn't.


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Quote from: dandelO on April 18, 2011, 12:58:38 pm
When I used some of the Blue Marble images I managed to easily load four 21,600x10,800px image maps to the planet surface. Terragen just loves to load large objects, better than any other application I know.



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Nice find TheBlackHole :) I remember now that thread.
But i didn't thought that i would use such a method at that time! Doh!

One of the test pictures is below.
Ones again the 3 channel 3 cloud RGB method.
Nothing major . Just playing.
Bringing color on clouds and over one cloud (for example y axis) as in my earlier test is not so hard.
But so far no luck with mapping a real texture in 3d cloud space.
It might work on power fractals.Have to try.

I would love to hear from Matt if i am wasting my time with this or not!
There is so much more potential lying beyond the surface in TG2.


Wow,I was just thinking of making a home but you built the whole city out of clouds :).This is very impressive and very helpful indeed.


It is possible now. Guys if you read until here please look about color on clouds here :