Prehistoric scene WIP

Started by alessandro, December 29, 2013, 07:19:56 pm

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Here is a first draft of a prehistoric scene. XFrog plants, a Torosaurs and Archeopteryx (both Dinoraul's), a cloud layer used to fake some mist down there.
The water is too pixelate (I think I need to experiment more with the roughness and smallest scale settings there).
However, I'm having a great time using TG3, it's really a great software.


Looking good.............more please.  :)


Very nice indeed! I like the atmospherics, the mist is well-used. The way the Torosaur's colorful "shield" is highlighted in the patchy sunlight is cool. I could see others arguing about the majority of the animal being in shadow, but I like the composition this way, with some mystery, seems quite natural.

Upping the quality of the water would probably require increased main Detail, unfortunately, though reducing smaller-scale roughness can help.

- Oshyan


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I like it too.
I like the markings on the beast! Its hypnotic. If that thing was charging me I would get hit like a deer in head lights. The render quality there is really nice too, the bump on the surface of the animal.

I like the water where its calm. It looks sooty, murky. Like a swamp should (for example, on the far left at the base of the tree).
I don't mind that its dark either. Its a swamp. There is enough light where there should be.

THe only negative crit I have is the image feels really static for having so much life. Maybe a DOF here would be good. Something more "cinematic" over all.
It has been eaten.


Yes, I like it too. Great water, kinda turbulant, nice. What you cloud try is some 'reflected' light from the water onto the dark side of the dino's head, just a sun from a negative location (-45ยบ or so), bluish, no shadow. More mist in the distance to obscure trees would make it even more mysterious.


@theBadger: yes, some DOF would be indeed nice. I still have to study how that works in TG, along with the render layers (which i tested briefly)
@ulco: thanks for the suggestion about the antagonist light.

I will try both mods you suggested and try a new render as I get a little time.
Also will experiment a little more on water as Oshyan suggested, i would like to get rid of that over pixellation on some water areas.