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Started by dandelO, April 24, 2011, 11:04:37 pm

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Thanks, Hannes. I'm not sure where this one is headed at the moment so no settings will be posted until it's finalized and made a bit more comprehensive for use in other scenes, which I will post back to this thread with any details. It might not actually be posted to the forums after all but, like I said, I'll update here with any news...
As it is, there is no redirect shader used so far.



Thank you, dandelO, so I'll give it a try to achieve some similar results (hopefully!)


This looks so natural! During the last days I tried to make something similar, but no matter what I tried, it looked weird. Either the leaves weren't moving at all, or they were exploding. I tried a lot of scale settings, but with no success. What kind of power fractal are you using, and are there any other secrets?



Quote from: Hannes on May 11, 2011, 04:40:36 pm
This looks so natural! ...

Yes and i couldn't see weird cropped grass in this close shot !


Looking great! Your pushing the limits and boundaries on this TG2 gadget,
DandelO is THE Man!  8) *Big Applause*
Congratulations on a fine job !

I wonder if it´s possible to add rotating moon(s) and planets to a scene? I guess its possible
with TG2.

I few years back some dude (TheFakingHoaxer) on YouTube was posting some interesting scenes
made with CGI and photoshop, and one of the scenes was a rotating Moon.  ;) 
Everyone knows our moon does not rotate, but he made a short film of how things would look
like if our Moon would rotate as it crossed the skies.
Check out some videos for some interesting ideas that might also work using TG2.


Cheers, all.

Kadri, there were 30-something frames of 480 that I had to manually edit. There was no chopping of grass close to the camera, though, so that part was OK. The problem was the sun's disc, which was visible through single blades that passed over it, if no other blades were in front of them. It was fine when more than one blade passed over the disc of the sun. So, if there's more than one object in front of the sun then that might be something to keep in mind to make use of, instead of the render-heavy 'receive shadows from surfaces', in problematic scenes... don't know.

Hannes. A flat-scaled fractal or noise pattern enters the leaf shader's 'displacement function'. The amount of actual geometry movement by that noise function is controlled by the displacement amplitude. This is varied over the frame range by shifting the noise pattern continually along whatever axis you choose the wind to be blowing.
If any of your scales in the noise function or amplitude are smaller than the object you're applying it to then you'll likely find stretching, tearing, exploding, etc.

Practice on a TG grass clump. Set 'number of blades' to '1' and get nice and close with the camera, you'll see exactly what's happening that way, over just two or three really quick test frames... ;)


Max. You can rotate planets in TG2.3.

You can even force them to rotate with their textures and atmospheres in 2.3 but, that's not an enabled feature yet so, I'll let you work out how to do that last part yourself. ;)


Thanks dandelO, I'll give it a try!!


I tried this as well, but the only glitch I see is that the shadow of the grass remains at the old spot. Not a big issue I'd say, though. Very well thought out, Martin.


OK, I got it so far. As you suggested I tried it with the grass clump. It's moving quite natural. When I transfer this displacement to the material of a tree's leaves (which is in the same scene, so the scale of the objects is OK), I see something's happening, but it's not very remarkable. Should I increase the displacement multiplier or should I play with the displacement amplitude of the PF? What does this amplitude actually do? Must I increase or decrease it to get more motion?
Sorry for my dumb questions, but all this theoretical stuff is quite complicated (for me! :-[)


Are you still working on this? How on earth did you achieve this incredibly natural movement? I'm quite desperate :(
No matter what I tried, it looked completely artificial. I tried all combinations of scale and amplitude, but either the leaves were all moving in sync or they were exploding. I'd really appreciate some help!