Started by Hannes, May 28, 2011, 05:34:46 pm

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Here's the tgd of my avalanche animation:
I left out the trees and a terrain I used. You won't need it. Feel free to place your own pines or whatever you want.

The avalanche is not really running down the hill. I tried to make it look so by tilting up the camera a little bit.
Have fun!


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Hannes thanks for the file :) I can not use it for a long time a think (using the free TG2 still  :( )
It would be good for pyroplastic flows or similar (explosion?) things too it seems from the animation you made.


Thanky Kadri! Yes I thought of an explosion as well. Maybe some nuclear bomb?


Thank you! Will definitely study this when I have the time!


thanks for sharing this hannes.


Thanks Hannes. Much appreciated.