Volcano II

Started by Dune, June 09, 2011, 03:52:10 am

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Hey, those are great reference, DD. Thanks. I also knew this morning (half asleep) I had made a crucial mistake in my warps (based on Y and should be on X), and anxiously going to work again. By the way, I'll probably use this as a basis for my next generation of ash cloud.


Two more tries... still working on the perfect cone.

Henry Blewer

I like the ridges/strata on the second render better. The clouds/smoke is very good.
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I really like "cratertest-180611_horizontal cloud_1.jpg". The ash cloud is absolutely fantastic in that one!
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I'm not done yet, but still not satisfied. The cloud is too rough, I'd like it to look more bulbous somehow. I'm also still looking for the best cloud settings for a grayish ash. I now only decreased the enviro light to 0.2, but it's not good enough.

Henry Blewer

I think the lower, near the crater cloud is really good. The upper portion where the wind and natural diffusion distribute the cloud would be better with billows.
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Im having much difficulty  to do some ash "plumes" or similar billowy type smoke too. Also, I accidentally stumbled into something that looks more like a long exposure photo rather than a pure still shot, which I thought was pretty cool.  Unfortunately it takes quite a bit of time to render so progress is slow.

Anyhow keep up the good work! I hope we both get to finish this with some nice ashclouds :P


I harked back to the good old simple shape again for the next render, which I will post tomorrow. It is very hard indeed! You need the density and sizes just right to make it convincing.


Hi Ulco,

Could you send me a setup of your crater with billowy clouds?
I'd like to give it a try/go, if possible :)



This one is developing nicely. I like the cratertest-180611_horizontal cloud_1.jpg best so far.


Almost got it, but not quite yet. I'll PM you, Martin...

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J'ajouterai quelques nuage avec des traits à la verticale.
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Peut-être. La premiere probleme c'est le 'cloud', so to speak.


NOOO! Rhalph , where are you when we need you?  ;D