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hey james.
size of subdiv cache in mb höher drehen--> im render tab unter advanced! vlt gehts dann



Quote from: volcomman1 on June 23, 2011, 02:09:40 PM
hey james.
size of subdiv cache in mb höher drehen--> im render tab unter advanced! vlt gehts dann

Wenn es ein Speicher problem ist solltest du es verringern , Xynedia!
Du kannst aber nicht unter 50 mb per core gehen es ist hardcoded. Es könnte dann aber langsammer rendern.
Du kannst auch mit reduzierten Rendereinstellungen probieren oder versuche teilweise zu rendern und dann zusammensetzen !
Versuche es mit  "Preallocate subdiv cache"
" Specify whether the entire quota of memory for subdiv caches is allocated at the start of each render, rather than only allocated in increments when needed. This usually increases memory use, but may help to identify memory allocation errors sooner rather than later during the render."
Dann wirst du wenigstens vom anfang sehen ob du ein problem hast.

Und ich render nicht mit "GI surface details" . Es verlaengert die render zeit ohne sehenswürdige verbesserung.
Welche TG2 hast du? Mit einen 64 bit OS , 64 bit TG2 und mehr ram würdest du besser daran sein.
Schau dir denn "Task Manager" beim rendern an ,wie hoch die Speicher Verwendung geht.
Du kannst mit einem 32 bit OS nicht mehrer als 3 GB benutzen .

Edit: Wenn du mich fragst für die 2D Wolken ist 10 quality zu viel (wenn du es in deinem Project immer noch hast).
Hir unten sind 2 bilder. Eines hat 2D Wolken mit 10 quality und  mit "accerelation cache"  none.
Der andere mit 0.001 quality und Aggresive acceleration .
Eines renderte in 3 minuten und 27 sekunden der andere in 4 minuten und 55 sekunden.
Kein grosser abstand aber ein unterschied ist auch nicht zu sehen!


Please, speak English :(
A lot of us doesn't have English as primary language, but at least we try to use it so that everybody can understand...

I don't know what is the problem of Xynedia, but it could have been helpful to add its solution to the knowledge of everyone...



I think that everybody should learn English too but not everyone can or will do this , Rhalph!  
These tools will be better in the future for sure http://translate.google.com/?hl=en#de|en|
There are maybe only 2 or 3 guys who don't write in English here.
And i remember from somewhere here that Xynedia  said that he has problem with English ?
He writes in German all the time.

I wanted to say more but it is absolutely insignificant!


What i wrote wasn't new things. They are all over the place here on the forum.

Lower the "subdiv cache". But you can not go under 50 mb and your render times could go up.
lower your render settings. Use "Preallocate subdiv cache" to see if there is a problem in the beginning of the render.
"GI surface details" is mostly useless and do make for longer renders.
Try using the 64 bit TG2 with a 64 bit OS and  with more ram if you can.
As you render look at the "Task Manager" . With a 32 bit OS you can not use more then 3 GB ram
Render in crops and then stitch them together.

These are standard things we see here in the forum.

Maybe the only new thing was a little kind of a nitpicking from me that he used 10 for the quality of the 2D clouds.
One of the images is with 0.001 Quality with "Aggresive acceleration" . The other with 10 Quality and with "accerelation cache" off .
One rendered in 3 minutes and 27 second the other in 4 minutes and 55 seconds.
It makes the render a little bit longer with no visible difference in my tests.

That is all what i said.

Xynedia kannst du Englisch geschriebene dinge verstehen?
Es würde besser sein , wenn wir hier in English schreiben würden , wie du siehst!
(Xynedia  can you understand things written in English? It would be better if we write in English here as you see!)

DOH!  I didn't thought that forum activity would make me feel exhausted!




I guess you get a lot more replies when posting in (google translated) English.

Henry Blewer

Post in you native language. It does not hurt to try reading something non-English. It  helps me learn. I use a translator after I try to read the post in the original language.

Sometimes it is difficult enough to ask a question in your native language.
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