Invalid Win32 application...

Started by imjustaniceguy, July 15, 2011, 11:07:37 AM

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I downloaded Terragen Free Edition, installed, no problems with the installation.  When I run the application I receive "Invalid Win32 application" error.  Help please.


Sounds to me you downloaded and installed the 64-bit free edition and installed that on your 32-bit windows.


I downloaded twice to be sure, I downloaded the correct application.  I still get a "Invalid Win32 application" error.  Help.


Did you download the 2nd time with a different browser? Sometimes downloads can get cached and then a 2nd download will just be the same as the 1st, even if it was incomplete the 1st time.

What operating system are you using? Try clearing your operating system (not Internet) Temp folder, if possible.

- Oshyan