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Started by :), August 23, 2011, 02:29:23 PM

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Is there a way to quickly move the camera to a particular geo-referenced set of co-ords to find a terrain?

I have the geo-co-ords but it doesn't seem to relate to the camera co-ords in any way. the geo location is a lat and lon but the camera position has 3 variables, are 2 of these the lat and lon? and if so which ones??


Latitude would be a combination of X and Y coords and longditude would be a combination of Z and Y, for example. How large is your terrain?


The camera position is in XYZ coordinates. There isn't a quick and simple way to find the XYZ coordinates of a particular lat-long coordinate in Terragen. You'd need to use some maths. However, I'm guessing from your question that maybe you've brought in some geo-referenced terrain and it's nowhere in sight, and that you just want to bring it into view. In that case, there's a way to set up your scene in Terragen so that a particular lat-long is centred at the 0,0,0 coordinates (the origin) in the Terragen world. so that any terrain appearing at that lat-long will be centred around 0,0,0 in XYZ. To do this, copy the lat-long coordinates you're interested in and enter (or paste) them into the Planet object's Lat-long at apex parameter. Now, as long as the camera is not too far from the origin, which shouldn't be a problem if you're working with the default scene, you should be able to see the terrain.

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