TG2 crashing when rendering

Started by mrwho, March 28, 2007, 09:38:43 PM

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Man, I lost 5-6 hours of rendering b/c it crashed. I doubt it's a RAM issue (1 GB, and I've done more complex stuff w/out problems) It had just about finished the sky, then was going to do the lower half, which was mostly water. Here's the TGD file, in case there was something wrong with it that I didn't catch. And the OBJ/MTL file as well.


Water is still prone to crashing, especially when the camera is close to the water surface. I can take a look at the file if you'd like but it sounds like water would be the culprit.

- Oshyan


gotcha. I wondered about that, but wasn't sure if it was fixed in this update (hadn't tried water since the update) thanks!


weird, i can render it at .4 or .5 detail

is that still water related?


Yeah.  The more calculations the renderer has to make with water, the more prone it is to crashing.  Since higher detail means more calculations, lower detail gives you a better chance of having it work. - A great Terragen resource with models, contests, galleries, and forums.

Harvey Birdman

A mirror-smooth surface seems to have a better chance than a rippled one, too. At least it seemed that way to me - I haven't experimented extensively with it.


Correct Harvey, more complex inter-reflections and/or roughness in the water seem to cause more problems, especially at increasing detail levels.

- Oshyan


I'm also seeing consistent crashing on one tgd file - I normally render using Linux/Wine and there it crashes after around 8/12 hours  :'( - I have the Deep (licenced version), I've just tried installing tg2 on an xp laptop - there using the non-licenced version - and it now crashes after only a minute or so of rendering the preview. No water is involved. The tgd file is here:


It opens up fine on mine, althouth there are some stray slashes in input_node names  e.g.
input_node = "/Alpine fractal shader 01"

TG strips these out when I save the file (WinXP).

I'd also put the alpine shader in the terrain section given its large displacement....

And then my computer rebooted just after posting with this previewing in the background... hmm :-\