Memory issue

Started by digital artist, April 19, 2007, 05:28:09 pm

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digital artist

I'm running TG2 on a P3 with about 512 meg of memory and Win XP service pack 2. With only essential processes running (and no other apps) I'm getting in to a similar situation to the one that dhavalmistry outlined in a previous thread. At some points I'm unable to complete a quick render at the basic 320x(not sure what the other dimension is it's default anyway) at only 25% quality. I get an "unexpected termination error" message. Now I'm only running an onboard graphics card. Is it a lack of machine power or something going wrong with the software?


I'm guessing it is a machine based issue as XP will want to use a fair amount of your 512MB and TG2 TP is somewhat ungraceful at present when memory runs out.


With so little memory it's almost certainly a memory-related issue. TG2 uses a sort of baseline amount of memory that can be measured in the 10's of MB even with the default scene and anything you add only increases that, of course. Having had experience working in TG2 on an old PIII I know it's not much fun. Of course not everyone has the luxury of upgrading, but if you're ever going to have much fun with TG2 I think you'll have to at some point.

- Oshyan