Sunset Beach

Started by DannyG, December 17, 2011, 10:28:20 am

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December 17, 2011, 10:28:20 am Last Edit: December 17, 2011, 10:32:34 am by DannyGordon
Terrain created in World Machine
Palms from Terradreams and Terralights
Fern from Klas, High Res. Grass from here.


Danny, this is looking very good. A suggestion would be to brighten up the elements  - maybe the sun position by bringing it more to the right to get some of its reflection on the water and adding some sparkle to the sand. This has some great possibilities.


December 18, 2011, 11:43:09 am #2 Last Edit: December 18, 2011, 12:07:15 pm by DannyGordon
Bob thanks for the second set of eyes they are always appreciated ^ ^


You're welcome Dan, I know it is a lengthy process making changes. Sometimes I spend weeks trying to make improvements. At some point, you get an image to 'pop' knowing you've taken it as far as it can go.


Hi Danny,

That has a really nice feel to it.

If I could offer any advice. I'd be tempted to use a wider aspect ratio for a shot like this, which could also give you more depth, by brining in the horizon to the left of frame.
I'd also add an extra element to the foreground, perhaps a small rowing boat, that would cover the immediate false looking waves on the shore. I've tried a few times to achieve these and those kind of shallow shorelines are difficult to create, yours however, look very natural for the most part, and the subtle foam is very nice.
Some, even maybe subtle texture on the distant islands would help, as they stand in stark contrast to the lush foreground.
Also watch out for that uniform line that runs up the beach, probably from your shoreline mask/displacement, you might want to break it up a little.

Hope that's not all too much crit.



Thks Chris I certainly appreciate you and Bobs experienced eyes and the ideas that come from them, I thought of a boat or some sort of dock or Tiki item, however I didn't want to make it too proppy, however I guess thats the whole trick of placement. The shore being the main focal point needs work as you an Bob mentioned. Its on  my list
Thanks Bud !


Looking good, Danny! I agree with Chris about the sharp line from the reflectivity, just make the altitude fuzzy zone a bit higher for that and it should soften it right up. You might also try to add a power fractal shader to the colour and displacement functions of the palm trunks to break up the uniform look of the bark. Other than that, very nice scene! :)


I really like the overall look of this one. Especially the sky, water, and BG islands/mountains. Great colors and lighting. Some of the textures on the palms are pretty repetitive though. Do you know if the palm from Terradreams still available? I couldn't find it anywhere. (I found the terralights one)



dandelo thks for your advise as well, definitely always appreciated ^ ^
Jamfull, if its not posted there anymore than I guess its taken down for a reason, no idea. plenty of palms floating around else where, try ashlunder tons of stuff over there. Or Hit up X-Frogs Oceania packs. Thanks for the look and agree with you in regards to the bark textures, they are acually the same mats from the other palm, I replaced the Terradreams bark textures that were ment for long distance shots I believe because it was just procedual coloring with a diplacement map added.