ok, so my newb side is showing with TG2: A basic question

Started by digital artist, April 18, 2007, 01:07:45 pm

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digital artist

Hi all,

I've become fairly comfortable with TG and have just started with TG2 today. When I create a body of water it is completly flat and very mirror-like. Can someone point me in the right direction as to where I can find the controls to add some texture (ie, ripples, waves etc.) and maybe a few white caps?

Thanks much appreciated,

Digital artist


If you added the water using the add lake option it comes with an attached water shader. Double click on the water shader for more settings such as wave size, roughness, reflections, etc. etc.  Double click on the lake node for the Water Level, size and location.

Hope this helps


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Sure you can, you just need to do it manually. ;D You can use any kind of color providing shader such as a Power Fractal or Surface Layer and then just apply it to your water with a white color and low distribution. The Surface Layer would allow you to constrain by height so you could make only the tops of waves white. Adjust coverage to taste.

- Oshyan


well yes thats the "work around" for now....but what I meant was that you cannot add white caps directly from water properties which I h ope to see soon....:D
"His blood-terragen level is 99.99%...he is definitely drunk on Terragen!"