Panoramic Mars surface

Started by Franco-Jo, January 05, 2012, 03:39:46 pm

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Fascinating! What did you use to model the derelict spacecraft pieces?


Wow, fantastic work man. Great to see this being exposed this way. Congratulations to you!

I'm also very curious about the derelict models.
Are you planning on making them available here or via payed channels?
If not, then I hope our curiosity will make you reconsider :)
I'm very interested in doing a similar piece of work like you.



Thanks very much!

For the models we started with very basic models available from NASA (here: which we then compared with the actual spacecraft to add all of the detail and eventually, corroded looking textures which was done in Lightwave. Other debris was created by smashing up a space station and other spacecraft and our future looking rover was modeled after certain lines of thinking about what they might look like in the future currently being explored by NASA (again, all Lightwave).

Unfortunately there are conditions with the piece which prevent me from making the spacecraft available but when I have a moment I'll have a look to see what we used and what wasn't - there may be some that could be made available.  :)


Brilliant images!
While I try to visualize a romantic vision of a terraformed Mars, you show the downsides of human activities. I am feeling quite ambivalent in that regard, I am enthusiastic about the possibilities of technology, but the idea of a crashlanding site or rover tracks on a hitherto unspoiled planet doesn´t please me at all.
Images that make one think or feel ar called art I believe, so congratulations, you did it!
Best Regards,


many thanks, Mahnmut!

Yes, it's a rather bleak vision of a future Mars...and it gets bleaker once you view the work and realise that none of the spacecraft are fully functioning any longer and whatever interest we had in that landscape had passed, for an unspecified reason. The spacecraft futilely continue to partially function, to attempt to find signs of life, possibly transmitting the data back to no-one. Not a pleasant thought at all, but depressingly, not an unrealistic one either given current scientific outlooks.


Great piece. Where is this being displayed?


Thanks, Hetzen! It premiered in the north east in the UK in a derelict listed building and just had its North American premiere at Toronto International Film Festival. It is also scheduled to go to the Albright-Knox in Buffalo this February providing we can access some high end projectors for the installation, along with 2 other venues in Canada tbc (again contingent on equipment).


gobsmackingly awesome!!
well done Franco-Jo... the installation and renders are outstanding!


Thanks very much, inkydigit! I nearly lost my sanity over this project it was so intense - first landscape I've had to make rather than shoot. I am, however, a complete Terragen addict now! Can't wait for the next project!


Interesting to see that they used Blender ( ahem... a technologically superior 3D graphics program) to make the models.

Jo Kariboo

Very good work!!! Congratulations for your installation.