Started by Hannes, May 14, 2022, 05:40:59 AM

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Dear Planetside staff,
today the whole forum is once again filled with this spam crap. We mentioned this problem several times before, and unfortunately we don't hear anything from you regarding this problem. Jordan wrote about some ways to protect a forum from spam. Almost each and every day I (and others as well of course) report spammers. It's quite frustrating, that somehow all this leaves the impression, that you just don't care, since we hear absolutely nothing about that from you. The last forum update didn't make things better. Maybe it was even worse than before.
Honestly I can't imagine, that you don't care, but we don't see it at all. Especially today's occupation spoils my enjoyment to enter this site now. It's absolutely no fun to first dig through all this sh*t, before I can find appropriate posts.
I'd really appreciate to hear a statement from you!


Agreed, it almost makes me wish someone would start up an alternative.  This place is pretty run down as far as forums go.  Discord maybe?  A lot of other world-building apps have moved that direction, and they seem to have a lot more activity and hardly any spam.  


Would love a Discord!!! Super easy for quick interactions there


Whatever works to get those annoying spammers out. And I agree with Hannes about the lack of response regarding our complaints. Tell us what can be done and what you intend to do about it, please!


Thanks, guys! I hope there will be some official statement soon.


I'm kinda new here (this may actually be my first post, what a subject to start out on) but I've been flagging the spam stuff when I see it. I wonder if the person who normally takes care of it is on vacation or somewhere else atm.

I've been slowly working on learning how to use Terragen. Working my way through tutorials and working out in my mind how to make what I'm interested in creating.



Well, welcome to the forum then. Very interesting forum with lots of beautiful spam and uninteresting links ;D
But without kidding; we hope to see more of you. Any questions, do ask them!