Garden of Eternity animation published

Started by Oshyan, April 04, 2012, 09:47:46 pm

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It has been eaten.


Incredible, really! Especially fog and reflections.

(sorry for bad english)

The best webradio: here.

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 8) 8) 8)
even better than I ever could have imagined...
congrats to all!


Looks good Dune, really peaceful park you've created.  I want to walk around in it.


Also getting an error on that download link.

The animation was stunning! Will you guys be rendering any of the other ones ?
I realy like to see that ship sail through the waves. (bether be a parrot in there also  ;D).


Sorry about that, download link fixed. We have no immediate plans to animate the other contest entries, but we're working on other animation projects...

- Oshyan


Wow, clearly unbelievable! Stunning details, and excellent reality!
I can't even imagine, how much work this is... Grats!
I'd be really interested, what render settings can eliminate the GI flickering this way and so on :)


The upcoming 2.4 release has a new GI caching feature that can eliminate flicker that is due to GI (when used properly). Other kinds of flicker, such as bits of geometry or shadows popping on or off, have some other new solutions as well, though there will still be some situations where those artifacts are harder to eliminate.

- Oshyan


This turned out fantastic. Serene location and beautiful camera movement. What I enjoyed most is the variety in the park, all the hard work that went into setting up this location really shows.


Very nice to see Ulco's work finally realized! Great job


Osyhan can you elaborate what you used for AA , blur ?
Was AA 8 and motion blur more then 0,5 ?
Or did you do some acrobatic moves with the other settings combined  :)
I have trouble to lower noise in my animation to acceptable render times especially with grass objects.
Clouds  and trees are not so much problematic.


I don't remember the final settings, unfortunately. Let me see if I can find out... Ok, looks like AA 8, 1/4 first samples, noise threshold 0.02. I did try a lot of different possibilities across the spectrum from high AA with highly adaptive settings, to non-adaptive at lower settings. This seemed to work best for that particular situation. I think I had motion blur disabled though and did it in post with the video editor, which certainly saves render time.

- Oshyan


We rendered a test of this in full 1080p at one point, and while we decided the extra render time wasn't going to be feasible in the end, it did look rather nice. Frank Basinski suggested that I post a sample, so here it is:
Keep in mind that this is from a somewhat earlier revision of the scene and, in particular, the animation settings were not finalized (you can see a bit of flicker on some objects that was later fixed, for example). Still, it's 1080p and minimally compressed, so it should be quite a bit nicer than watching on YouTube.

Hopefully future animations can be experienced in full 1080p!

- Oshyan


Looks great!

As i was testing my animation (very basic forward camera move actually)
and i said why can i not use 1080p and only half HD i suddenly realized
that the 720x 560 pal days were not so much  ago.
Oshyan by the time we render at 1080p  , 4 K will be standard-probably- :)

Oshyan , approximately how long were the render times of one frame of the the half and full HD versions ?