Terragen 2.4 Released with complete Animation Module

Started by Oshyan, April 16, 2012, 03:38:48 am

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Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines. Terragen 2.4 has now been released! This major version marks the completion of the Animation Module and includes significant new animation tools and controls, along with a number of other notable new features, bug fixes, and performance enhancements.

More info here:

This is a free update for all licensed users. The free version will follow at a later time.

The Planetside Team


Excellent news,

Looking forward to having a play later...






Wow! This really looks like a great release. I only wish I knew how to use/had the time to explore the software!

I really like features like the Packaging and Asset management (not to mention of course the Animation Module). It shows the software is definitely maturing.

I look forward to seeing more animations now that GI Caching will help with the flicker.

Great job Planetside. Take a (small!) break and enjoy the feeling of being DONE ... (but don't make the break longer than a day or so or the natives here on the boards might get a little hostile!)


Looks like a nice release !
I was in a small project where i could use something like lean to normal and saw what you did guys . Thanks :)


Congratulations, staff! Just yesterday I was pondering how great it is that guys like you write software that works so extraordinary, and can produce such amazing images. I love it, as you're probably aware of.

A toast to the staff!  :)

P.S. I just wonder why my alpha version won't find the final 2.4 updated version...


Thanks Ulco :)

Quote from: Dune on April 17, 2012, 03:08:20 am
P.S. I just wonder why my alpha version won't find the final 2.4 updated version...

This time around I decided that the alpha builds shouldn't update to the release builds, because it's impossible for release builds to update to alpha builds afterwards. You can find the release builds on the alpha site - the version is

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I did my taxes. Now this! Life is good!  ;D

Thank you, seriously.
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Hi, Glad to see the release! Hope planetside is happy with everything.

I was wondering.
Since, the release was in alpha, and the alpha testers no doubt explored many of the situations and scenarios that will arise in the public form, as questions and images. Has there been any talk of sharing images and files from the alpha forum, in the public?
I am presuming that the alpha forum is like the public forum.

Just asking. Seems like it could be a good thing. 
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The alpha testers are free to share their project files with the public now that the release is final, but we haven't discussed any kind of coordinated effort toward that end. Honestly I think much of the work done in testing is similar to what is done here, actual projects that people are working on, and any issues that arise are either addressed in development, or added to documentation if they simply need explaining. Many alpha testers already post here about, or even with downloads of their work as well.

In short: I don't think you're missing much, aside from early access to new features. ;)

- Oshyan


Congratulations on the release guys.

It really is an excellent update.

Just the GI caching alone is amazing, giving great results, I've been using this in production and it's been incredibly stable.

Thanks for all the hard work.