Bug reports 2.4?

Started by shadowphile, April 23, 2012, 02:34:23 AM

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Can't find a proper place for bug reports, so here I go...

Just downloaded the new 2.4 64bit for Windows.
Nice to see some things I've missed, like more customization on the keys and mouse, yay!

Question 1: I make cube-maps so I've had no Enviro Lights in my setup, using fill lights instead.  I would like to use GI though; will the new GI caching help with that and what settings will help avoid seams?  (still fuzzy on most of the GI settings since I had to avoid it anyway)

Bugs:  I turned off all my fill lights and dropped in an Enviro Light at default settings.  Set the GI caching to 'write to..' and hit render.  For some reason that last setting causes the render to 'finish' after only writing about a third-screen of dots.  I turn off the caching and restart the render, it chugs along with no problem.

I've attached the file...  it might say missing one object that I have turned off anyway.

Completely different Bug:  I use Win7 and one of those indecently large and high-rez monitors.  I had to turn up my desktop font size to 125% to read the text.
However, this is (I believe) the cause of about half the various UI text in my TG2 windows being clipped along the bottom and right sides.  Still usable but very trashy looking plus it sometimes cuts off the right side of the text.  I don't care if the text is forced smaller or more room make for the bigger text, just so it fits!


Answer 1: Yes, GI caching will help. Render out a GI cache file for each part of the cube map, then do each full render with GI cache *read* enabled, set to "equal blend within range" and using a blend number equal to the number of cube map sections you have (presumably 6). Each cube map render will use the same GI cache settings and files and this should result in the same GI solution for all.

Bug: actually, the entire GI solution is calculated, it's just very dark in the bottom part. See attached image which I brightened up (increased exposure from an EXR) in Photoshop. (be sure to expand the thumbnail, it's very dark ;) )

Bug 2: The text issue is something we're aware of. I don't know how easy it would be to just have TG not respect the OS's font sizing. Since increased font sizes aren't supported anyway, I guess that would be a better approach for the time being.

- Oshyan