Question: UV Tiling, UV sets, and Lightmaps.

Started by King Mango, March 30, 2012, 11:42:44 PM

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King Mango


This looks like a good place for this question.
Has anyone played with the new PoseRay beta yet?

Line one on the change list says:
Added an import filter functionality to process materials based on their names.

I'm hoping this means they have gotten away from the old dos 8 naming conventions? anyone know?
Because my latest test, fell apart, regarding the mtl, due to naming.
450meg model 400meg flat diffuse only.


Ok, I had time to play and it looks like poseray can except any names you throw at it now.

Anyway, you may want to check out PoseRay, KM

King Mango

I'll try it out. It looks like it should help with the mtl setup? Thank you :cheers:


Thanks for the Poseray link. I thought it was abandoned.


Yes, you can load an .mtl file and revue it. One aspect I use is the curving or phong as they call it in c4d.
My two exporters are not always good at this and if I made that rook you've shown on the last page, I might end up with visible polys on the curved top. With PoseRay you can reacquire your curve angle.

King Mango

Hey all, sorry about my neglect here, but I am currently sidetracked on two fairly detailed Maya projects. Will be a couple weeks at least before I can re-address this topic.
I do still intend on finishing this piece and documenting the procedures.

Thanks again to everyone for the tips and info. :cheers: