Started by dandelO, May 23, 2012, 11:45:42 am

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Great. A proper animation section!

Now, if I could just make some proper animation, I'd be laughing! In the meantime, here are various shorts...

TG2 Playlist.


Nice animations! I have to thank you for lots of my scenes. Your snow shader tgc I've used a lot. :)

Pentagular Dark

These animations are delicious, watching them fill up my mind with the essential nutrients of short animations.
GAH!!! Don't look down here! Look at the posts man!


Nice to see some of this again.  :) Also, now it it will be easier to find for reference material.
It has been eaten.


Like your work.  Let's see something new.   ;D  I'm working on something in my spare time...(for an excuse to be bossy  :) )
So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?