pretty cool short films

Started by TheBadger, May 11, 2012, 03:34:30 am

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This one is simple and clever. Also its got a great look to it.

This one was ok, I mostly just like the opening. Would love to see this opening in TG2, up to where we see the egg

This one pays off at the end. Talk about singular focus. Also like the opening to this one too, would look great if it was TG2. But then everything would have to look more real.
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Thanks TheBadger i had seen the last one (Sintel) but not the others. 
They are very good  :)
The webpage of the "Pangea - Fantasy Animation" makers are very good too.


Kadri, please post a link to these movies you mentioned. I only find software and vegetarian stuff by the same name.
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This is the Sintel Blender project webpage .
You can have the project files for Blender too if you want .
Edit: or (in the credits )  will redirect you to (this is the page i mean)
(it says "Pangea - Fantasy Animation" in the youtube page over the movie)

These are about the short movies you posted TheBadger  !


Dunno how to classify this one, it's a little bit too long, but interesting nevertheless


Thanks Kadri:)

That must have taken a ton of planning! I like it.
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