Largest Possible Renders in Terragen Classic

Started by alucadmo, June 01, 2012, 02:20:53 am

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I've been trying to do some massive renders for print with Terragen Classic and I've had mixed results. sometimes the renders come out fine, but other times the lower half of the image just turns into a grey streak.

I have been rendering this out as large as Terragen Classic allows, which is 32767px by 16383px. One thing I've noticed is that it usually seems to streak out grey where the water is in the landscape, I was wondering if that was causing the issues...

I attached an image as an example. Any ideas on how to trouble shoot this issue?


First off you appear to be under the landscape, so that's likely to cause problems regardless. Do you have versions of this same render (same camera perspective) that successfully rendered at lower resolutions?

Also, are you on a Mac? I'm not aware of the PC version being able to render at resolutions that high.

- Oshyan



What size are you printing at? 32767 is over 9 feet wide at 300 DPI, still a size 4.5 ft at 600 DPI. Are you sure you need to be rendering at that size? I don't mean to offend you with that question but many times it turns out people don't have a full understanding of print resolutions.

Are you rendering to screen or a file?