Bug report. Heightfield curve vertical.

Started by red_planet, May 28, 2012, 05:24:55 am

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Whilst attempting to overcome a problem with loaded heightfields, I stumbled on what appears to be a bug.

I was trying to set up a quick test animation to determine whether the function would give me my desired result within a range of parameters. I could then see if there was a point in the animation where the desired result was present and adjust parameters for other scenes accordingly.

I could not set more than one animation key.


Load heightfield (bmp)

Either, Add Heightfield curve vertical in node editor, connect between heightfield load and heightfield shader, or from terrain/add operator in the terrain window.

Set first animation key, move to desired frame for next animation key. Add a second key. The application crashes.

This was seen on both Mac and PC, Latest versions of TG2 Mac PC
Mac Pro dual core OSX 10.6.8
Dell Precision T7500 Dual Xeon, Win 7 Pro 64 bit SP1

I tested with an internally generated heightfield and produced the same result.




Hi Chris,

Yes, we've come across this too. It seems like you can't animate heightfield operators. We're looking into it. Thanks for posting about it though, we weren't sure how many people would be effected but it.




Thanks Jo,

Interestingly , I did a quick test with the heightfield adjust vertical and it worked fine across 100 frames varying height from 1000 to -1000 with the default internally generated heightfield.