Tree Distribution complex

Started by pclavett, May 30, 2012, 01:52:03 pm

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Hi Guys !
Cleaning up my files and came up on this that was done 2 years ago to permit some control on where specific trees land and built this complex of nodes for 10 distribution finals with no overlap and possibility of restricting to slope and altitude with also possible additional restriction by painted or distance shader.
I include a crude example of different trees and the tgc file which has an internal network so as to reduce clutter. Also included a note in there.
This may be totally useless...but you be the judge !
Take Care !



Thank you for the share.
Interesting methodology.

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Thanks Paul. That is indeed an interesting setup.


Very useful, thanks for sharing this
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Thank you! 
I've downloaded files in the past (for one use or another) that were too complex for my limited Terragen knowledge to get my head around. This clip file however, was incredibly easy for implementing into my scene and controlling populations. Massive de-cluttering tool as well. You've done a great job with this time saver. 

I do realize that it's a very real possibility that you will never see this reply (2012) but I still had to give you kudos and thanks.


pclavett comes through now and then, I'm sure he'll appreciate the reply.


Quote from: WAS on February 21, 2021, 01:53:01 pmpclavett comes through now and then, I'm sure he'll appreciate the reply.

That's good to know. I really like this distribution network. 


This is not totally useless at all, that's a great tool, thanks for sharing it with the community!