How to change the direciton of the light in Terragen 2

Started by alucadmo, June 04, 2012, 02:32:34 pm

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I know this sounds ridiculous... But how do I change the angle of the light in Terragen 2? When I go into the lighting menu there doesn't seen to be a slider for it!


In the default scene primary directional lighting is provided by the Sunlight node. Just open its settings and you'll find controls for heading and altitude, which will control position of the sun in the sky of your scene. If you're using additional light sources, they are omnidirectional and behave like objects, so you move them around just like an object and the light will emit from wherever you put the light source.

- Oshyan


Ah, that brings up a question I keep forgetting to ask!

Any thought of making that little yellow dot on the sun direction icon clickable (to change the direction without leaving the panel you are working from?)
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Aha! So obvious. I just didn't realize that heading was the direction of the light. Thanks so much.