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Started by Hannes, June 08, 2012, 04:38:24 am

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Here's a little animation just for fun with no special meaning. Silly title, I know. I didn't know anything better. Took a long time to render. Each frame rendered for 45 to 100 minutes. I imported the visible part of the terrain into 3ds max and animated the camera (with a little noise modifier to create a subtle handheld look). I then reimported the camera with Davy's plugin.


That's quite a brave pilot! Nice work. I like the slightly shaky camera, and motion blur really helps on this high-speed camera move.

- Oshyan


nice! Like that bounce when it gets close to the ground.
Another cool one :)
It has been eaten.


Thank you, guys. Here's something I found out: most of the time I create a non-compressed .mov out of the image sequence, which is quite large. I then create a H264 movie out of that with the Adobe media encoder to make the file smaller. Nevertheless the movie looks washed out. The contrast is low, no matter what I try. Even with other QT-codecs I get the same results. this seems to be very common on windows machines as I read in several forums.
But I found out that when you play the movie with another player like the classic media player it looks as good as the source movie. So it seems to be a QT-player issue. I uploaded the H264.movie to vimeo and the contrast was OK (the quality on vimeo is terrible, but that's something else...)

Simius Strabus

I really like this one. Must have taken quite some time to render.
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In quick time there is a option to save for web and mobile. I found that doing this solved a lot of the problems I was having with my free account with vimeo.
Might be of some help to someone.
It has been eaten.


Cool.  Glad I wasn't in the co-pilot seat.  ;D
So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?



Very cool animation Hannes :)


excellent...faved on vimeo!