Only a short live sign (from outside the galaxy)

Started by DocCharly65, July 17, 2020, 07:10:44 am

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Ha! If you managed to make it through the Simarillion then you're a better person than me.  I made it through about 30 pages (a very long time ago) before I gave it up.  It was like the guy was never sure when to end a sentence.  But please do keep up your work. It's fun to watch and see what you do next.  Work in the garden AND do Terragen stuff - that's what I do to maintain some balance.


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Thank you, friends! :)

...I must admit, that having read the Simarillion, doesn't necessarily mean I fully understood ;D
The first half of the book with all the names and protagonists is really heavy duty! In a year I will read it again, perhaps it will be more clear then.

Meanwhile I become more and more motivated again and also I have saved enough money to start the first parts of my NAS, PC and server reorganization.
The SMB1 problem is still not solved (And I guess it never will). So I will exchange the first two D-Link NAS by 2 Synology DS218 (empty enclosures).

Some "how to's" of the latest film update: There're some older shots of my 2015-2017 Riddicks Poolhouse projects. I just changed some details and instead of AA3 these are at least rendered with AA6 - mostly even AA8 or higher.

For the hair animation of Agent Rieger I studied this nice tutorial:

The flames of the Viper engines are some planes with a projected animation of a gas burner:

Jason Statham is a face model from PrintedReality on CGTrader with a body from Renderpeople
Vin Diesel is a Riddick body model by norbert-2105 on CGTrader merged with a face model of Vin Diesel by vefilanna on CGTrader
"Agent Rieger" is a self scanned face model of my office colleague Rebecca with her friendly permission and a "Pose girl in leather skirt" Rigged by Polygonal-Miniatures on CGTrader

Unfortunately I bought that girls model BEFORE I saw that she is pregnant - so I had some work (though no experience and skills) to flatten the belly without destroying thr rig and the texturing ;)




For her glasses I used that trick again, to add some glasses invisible and set opacity to 0.5-0.6 and render another pair of glasses without shadow.

Many movements are from MIXAMO but e.g. the Vin Diesel sitting pose on the bike, the puppy and some corrections are hand made in Blender3D



Quote"Agent Rieger" is a self scanned face model of my office colleague Rebecca with her friendly permission
Curious about this. Can you please elaborate?


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Quote from: sboerner on September 05, 2020, 10:28:00 amCurious about this. Can you please elaborate?

Of course. As good as I can do:

All work started with taking 3 photos of her with my Nikon (Nikon D7000)
One from the front and one from the right and left side. Important is an uniform illumination without shadows or highlights that are intensified to the right or left.
Then I imported the pictures into the "Facegen Modeller" You can get it here:  I have the "Core Version"

Next steps were adjustments with the integated tools until I got a result, I found usable to exported as obj. file including a texture map.


Then I made first tests in TG:


Then I joined the face with the body and added some new hair because I didn't like the version offered by Facegen:


Many steps joining body and face were try and error and try again because as I some times mentioned I am really not a modeller. but sometimes I have some lucky shots. :)

...and voila... Agent Rieger visits Uncle Riddick together with her Partner Jason to do engine tests with the old Galactica Viper... ;)



Thank you for the thorough explanation! Great to get a peek behind the curtain. Very cool and the results are quite impressive.



Thanks and you're welcome Steve.
Thanks Ulco. In fact the development of Agent Rieger as she is now needed almost 3 years but with recurring time interruptions.

I hope my experiences will make another idea be realized a bit faster. One of the last needed "peaceful intro scenes" of the film shall show the Klingon Homeworld with Christopher Lloyd as "Klingon Shakespeare Artist". So far I only did a little shopping tour on Luc Biancos homepage for inspiration and played around with a cold world :)

I hope I find some good front and side/portrait pics of Christopher Lloyd ... I still have enough turtles to create his Klingon head :)


Good morning everyone, happy day - so far :)

Fortunately after 1 1/2 year I found a nice and usable model of the Roadrunner, so I could go on  with my "peaceful times scene"
Another little step... another new craze and madness.

All rendered frames provisionally cut together for testing with MS Movie Maker and added the planned main music theme. I already started that music with Magix Musicmaker in 2015.

The scene will be part of the first Fan Film part, describing just peaceful times ... and the waste of taxpayers money on stupid buildings, which also took place in the 23rd century.

The Roadrunner / Coyote sundown scenes are just raw shots from the Terragen openGL 3D preview and will be rendered in the coming weeks / months :)

Have fun :)


;D ;D ;D  Fantastic! I love how you got all these objects animated, and working for you. Great! Actually, there's almost too much to see :P


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Thanks Ulco :)

...???...too much to see...???.  I hope I didn't forget to render Rosies underwear on the platform ;D ;D

Besides: the "Rosie"-model leaning at the barrel and "Pierre" sitting on the barrel are both Renderpeople-models. Originally just posed but I could rig and animate them in Blender3D. Then the usual workflow: Exporting as obj-sequence and integrate into my tgc.

The coyote is animated in Mixamo and then converted the resulting fbx in Blender3D to obj-sequences, too.

I prefere the "NOT in place" walking/running animations of Mixamo, because they fit much more accurate later concerning the footsteps and positions.
i usually get  loops of approx. 20-40 objs so that I can almost exactly position the objects throughout the entire animation. I just have to use linear animation. The breaking and walking in place over the missing floor needed a bit adjustent but worked good. Here is the animation curve, where you can see how I kept the movement linear and changend to slightly curved at the end:



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This is soo cool!

Quote from: DocCharly65 on October 09, 2020, 03:46:22 amI prefere the "NOT in place" walking/running animations of Mixamo, because they fit much more accurate later concerning the footsteps and positions.
That's true. I prefer to use the "in place" animations.

Usually I try to scale my models initially to real world scale, and I try to find out the exact distance they walk or run per loop in 3ds Max. Doesn't take too much time. And then I store the distance in the filename, so that I can reuse the obj sequences whenever I want.
When the movement is not only in one direction I'd prefer your method as well.


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Thank you all.

Hannes, I unfortunately had my first experiences with not so good animations where the footsteps were quite unclean and imprecise so that I had sliding and hovering at any distance - the worst were animals with their 4 feet each one having a different step width. So I never tried the mixamo animations in the "in place version" - simply out of habit :)

Some credits:
Road Runner by subhasharavind98 in cgtrader
Wile e coyote by Supercigale on cgtrader
The big metal path is my own construction built from parts of a Projector Mast by Vadelrey
Hot air balloon VR by dafunk on cgtrader
The Workbee and Cargo train by Raul Mamoru

Some more models from and the formerly TF3DM