Living on the Edge

Started by Markal, July 27, 2012, 05:19:05 pm

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Walli's tree and Moodflow's starfield clip file...I'm living on the edge using all these image map overlays...even the Nebula is a image map connected to the starfield clip file. Only postwork was converting to JPG and a slight sharpening. Maybe someday I'll get these image maps to fit and look real. Tips, suggestions and critiques are most welcome! Thanks!


Only one thing I can say; try placing our moon rising in the background. I have the moon map that I can share with you if you like.


Thanks Bob, I did try adding earth clouds to my re-do of "Start of a Good Evening" but the clouds casted shadows on the terrain that made it hard to see the bends and detail. I tried many different settings and cloud and cloud types, just didn't work.  I like this image because the tree seems to be leaning back to hold on to life and even the nebula in the sky seems to be adding a cosmic influence to hold on to the edge.  I agree I would have loved to make this more "earth-like" know me....I'm a space cadet!!!


The thing I like about this image is probably not the thing you cared the most about. But I like the creek/pond. I like the very shallow nature of it, and the deeper veins. I like that I can see into it, and that there is a good bit of detail under the water. That in and of its self makes a nice subject on top of the experimentation.
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