Terragen Strata Ani

Started by miqtidar, October 12, 2012, 04:57:31 pm

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October 12, 2012, 04:57:31 pm Last Edit: November 17, 2012, 05:22:08 pm by miqtidar
Hey Guys here is my first video to Terragen Animation section.

I never had the CPU power to render it after buying the new I7 PC finally I manage to render it.


Kindly turn HD On for good quality.

Here is the setting of the file.
Number of frame 72
Atmosphere sample = 40
Quality Detail = 0.75
AA = 13 (Ray trace objects checked)
Pixel Filter= Mitchell-Net
Detail Blending = 1
Displacement filter =1
Microvertex jittering (checked)
Lock subdiv to 36
Do ray trace shadows (checked)
Gi Relative Detail =2
Gi Relative Quality = 2
Gi Blur Radius =8
Read Gi cache to (Interpolate for animation) Number of files to blend 3 in whole Sequence.
3 Gi cache files were rendered for whole sequence.
Thanks For oshyn to help me in this render.
Details are on this on this link.


Thanks for watching.


Henry Blewer

This is not too bad for your first anim. I think the cliff would benefit from some more displacement/s. If you add a compute terrain after the fractal terrain (using the node area), you can get some really nice lateral displacement. Stretch the power fractal noise on the x and z axis some. The stretching of the noise will help make convincing layers. The key to using a power fractal here is to get the smallest scale he right size. If it is too small, you'll only get noise, not the layered effect for a cliff face.

I hope this helps. You can PM me if you like.
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Thanks njeneb it is nice suggestion.

I will give it try when time permits.

Thanks alot