More Flora!

Started by Sethren, April 24, 2007, 07:00:51 pm

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Smaller Plants/Other.


Hopefully everyone can download these and share the goods.    ;D


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I just checked out the 'bushes' package. The .mtl file has a file length of 0 bytes - it's empty. Just thought you should know.



Ah poopie, well at least the textures are still useful.     ;D

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What did you use to create the obj/mtl pair?


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I don't know anything about that one, but I bet someone here can tell you how to export it correctly. The 'bushes' package was the only one I checked out. Did the others have the same problem?


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I have exported many, many model formats from xfrog and interestingly enough i had ran into the same problem now that i remember. I uninstalled xfrog quite sometime back. I just had these files sitting on my PC all this time. I finally got around to sharing these. I have been to busy getting into grasps with my HDRI work so i have not had time for anything else really. Anything HDRI related is not an easy thing.   :(

BTW, i do have one more model to share. It is a tree that might belong in a swampy climate of sorts. I need to make the leaf texture for it first before i upload it later.

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Quote from: Sethren on April 25, 2007, 03:19:57 am
I have exported many, many model formats from xfrog ...

Sorry - I imagine you know a lot more about this than I.

re swampy tree- cool! I have a skybox I've been working on that has a little marsh with cattails and willows.


Honestly i know very little. I am better at photography then computer related graphics.     ;D


Hey guys, i just joined, and i really want more flora :(
Can you re upload it? When i press the link it says that it has expired :(


If you need anywhere permenant to upload the files to, let me know and I can put them up with my few bits on my site (credited to you of course  :) )

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mr-miley - cool. Keep bumping this back to the top of the list; she's bound to notice eventually.   ;D