LIghted Spheres test

Started by masonspappy, September 02, 2012, 06:44:38 am

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I built a street lamp in Blender, imported it into T2 and was experimenting with lighting and transparency settings.  No intention of taking this any further, just wanted to see how cross-lighting effects were handled.  Threw in the airship at the request of my grandson.


Excellent first tests!!!!

If you feel like sharing The steps to reproduce this effect. Please make a post in this thread

That thread  is all about what you just did. And could use the contribution. ;D
It has been eaten.


You probably put your lightsources just above the glass?


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Quote from: Dune on September 03, 2012, 04:01:33 am
You probably put your lightsources just above the glass?

In this particular case, there was a light inside the glass and a second light just above the glass.  But I think it looked better with only one light inside the glass.  IN the image below I moved the second light  half way down and in front of the pole to better illuminate the hanging baskets. I liked that effect better.   
- Cam

Jo Kariboo

I very like the last one!!! With this light the environment is slightly mysterious. We can feel the beginning of the night.