Lunar digital elevation bump map.

Started by bigben, September 02, 2012, 01:58:27 AM

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I still have some work to do fixing/moving my site, but the end plan is to expose the downloads via old school directory listings.
Here' then, is my first new terrain for a while... or more accurately a bump map as the files are only 8bit TIFFs.  There are 3 resolutions at 20, 50 and 100 pixels per degree.

NB. Updated URL as part of my site reworking.
For more information, read the readme.txt file.

Full res test render:
This is around the limit for this set as you can start to see some noise in the smoother areas (either from the data or because they're only 8bit)  Texture is only 4K.

If you use them just drop a note or an image here so that I know it wasn't a waste of time putting them up.


Ben  :)


No waste at all, Ben. Downloading now. Thanks a lot!


The smallest image would be useful for renders from earth. The shadows from the terrain make it much more realistic than just the flat texture.  The largest one is handled quite easily by TG and would make for some very nice fly overs.

There are some high res textures of the moon but they're all tile sets.  I'm going to join one up to go with these files but even with a 4k texture it looks pretty amazing.

Early stages of re-texturing a model below. Passing over the Apollo 11 landing site.


Nice to have this data in an easy usable format, thanks Ben! Any way you can get it into EXR to avoid the 8 bit data limitations?

- Oshyan



Hi @ all,
are there manuals for the right using of these files?
My results are confused.
Thx for every support!



Added 32bit texture of the highest resolution (sample below, NB. This is still about 1/7 the resolution of the raw data)

Quote from: 4nt on September 07, 2012, 09:07:20 AM
are there manuals for the right using of these files?
...and clip files for both 8bit and 32bit textures (displacement applied differently between the 2) 

I haven't zipped the 8bit textures as they are already LZW compressed so the saving would be small.


OK one last present.  Stitched a 16k texture from Celestia Motherlode...

Another quick test render.  2min 10sec, detail 1 everything else default.  Just over 2Gb RAM/2Gb VM while rendering.


Hi bigben,
thx for your support and your *.tgd file.
Compared with your file I see no difference with my settings, but my final is completely poor.

I have uploaded 2 samples.

At first I create a new planet (moon), it get new sizes.
Then I load the *.tif into the chan file.
I `ve tried two different surface shader, but no crator is created in the render.
Where is the mistake.  :(
Thx for every advice.



I checked the TGD file I uploaded and realised there were 2 mistakes which would be causing you some confusion.
1. I forgot to change the size of the background. Using realistic numbers for the moon size and distance put it behind the background.
2. I forgot to set the camera position when I finialised the view, so the camera wasn't pointing at anything.

Updated the file in the post above and also stripped out the paths in the image names in the TGD, so it should load without error if the TGD and images are in the same directory. It uses the largest texture and the 32bit elevation model.

The shaders you need to be looking at are in the internal network of the second planet. Right click on the second planet's node and select Internal Network.


Thanks Ben. Been following this too. Not a waist at all!
It has been eaten.


I got not this result, but I `ll train this technique.
Thank you very much!



Thank you for this! I've been trying to duplicate the moon's surface the hard way for a long time.... a single crater at a time!


Here's a quick and dirty demo.

Quote from: 4nt on September 11, 2012, 09:21:48 AM
I got not this result, but I `ll train this technique.
Thank you very much!